Terms And Conditions


Finish Line Media Group, LLC  will be referred to as (Finish) from hereafter. The Client will be referred to as (Client) from hereafter.

Any Client that makes a payment via ( Check, Credit Card, Paypal, Ect. )  agrees to the below terms, this serves as a legal binding contract between the Client and Finish, this contract will renew every year on january 1st unless a Client emails or mails in a cancellation request 30 days before the renewal date of january 1st.


  • Prices are subject to change.
  • All domains are the property of the Client as long as they pay as they don’t have an outstanding balance, otherwise ownership transfers to FINISH.

Website Development

  • The client has a license to use the website as a website the source code for the website belongs to FINISH. The source code can be purchased for the amount stated by FINISH.
  • If the client sells their company the monthly website services provided by FINISH transfers to the new owner of the company the new owner can cancel services at any time but the source code is property of FINISH.
  • Website Hosting is provided with the website development services in the monthly prices. Domains and other services are completely separate.
  • FINISH must receive 12 monthly payments for the requested service from the client before the client can cancel the requested service. If a client does not make their payments anytime within the first 12 months an early termination fee will be applied to the account. The early termination fee is calculated by how many months are left out of the 12 months multiplied by 2. Example (Website Monthly Price: $50, 5 months to go,                      5 X2 * 50 = $500 early termination fee).
  • If a client registers a domain through FINISH and they have a website through FINISH they must pay for the website for 12 months or until the domain expires before they cancel cancel the website.
  • FINISH reserves the right to revoke any clients website at FINISH’s discretion without refund.
  • Any client needing a site completed before a deadline will have a $100 rush charge added to the order.
  • All Material (Email, Images, Ect.) on FINISH’s Server is property of FINISH .
  • FINISH is not liable if a client gets sued.
  • Exceptions
    • If the client has purchased the website development source code they own the website source code. Domain and Hosting will be billed separately if the source code is purchased.

Website Maintenance

  • Website Maintenance is not included in any plan under $60 dollars.
  • If a Client manages their own website Finish will not be liable for any updates that go wrong.  Finish will only fix the site at a $50 an hour rate and a $50 dollar surcharge.
  • Website Maintenance is limited to 1 update session per week.
  • Any updates outside of 12PM – 8PM will be billed at $50 per hour.

Race Team Management

Race Team Management is in development.


Interaction is in development.

Ticket Hub

Ticket Hub is in development.



  • 100% down on all services and for websites the credentials won’t be given until website paid in full.
  • Invoices are generated 15 days before they are due.
  • All payments are due on the date the invoice states.
  • Late payments will have a 10% late fee  and a 10 dollar minimum late fee applied to each invoice that is past due.
  • If an invoice becomes past due the service will be suspended.
  • All prices of monthly plans are subject to change.


FINISH reserves the right to change the above terms of use at any time. Such changes will become effective and binding after their posting on FINISH’s website. The website user agrees to regularly review FINISH Website Terms of Use and be aware of the changes made. By continuing to use FINISH website after any posted revision, the customer agrees to abide by it.

Last Update To the Terms was April 9, 2014